Message from the Dean

Rising to the challenges of the pandemic have made us more stalwart in achieving our mission: to transform the student experience by delivering high-quality instruction, student involvement in research and strong academic advising.

Dr. Marie Johnson, Dean of the CSF College of NSM

A Strengthened Resolve

Rising to a challenge can often strengthen resolve and enhance resourcefulness. Since I last wrote to you in our winter 2020 issue, the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have made it more difficult to achieve our mission but also made us each more stalwart in doing so. These challenges have required us to rethink how we deliver our course content, engage in research, support our students, and provide vital services. I am proud of how the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics family has risen successfully to the task.

Despite the demands on our college that resulted from the pandemic, we are still committed to and focused on providing an exceptional educational experience. Simultaneously, as society has experienced social unrest, the entire Cal State Fullerton community has undertaken essential work to dismantle persistent, systemic inequities so that a richer and unbiased academic and cocurricular experience is available for all students. You can learn more about our campus objectives and progress on our Titans Together website.

I’m excited to share that the modernization of McCarthy Hall’s second floor is progressing. When completed in the summer of 2021, the floor will showcase modern space for learning and faculty-student collaboration. We invite you to join us in exploring the various donor recognition opportunities available made possible by this historic project. Read this article to learn more.

Students continue to choose to come to the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics to help them sharpen their critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills and become fully prepared for professional careers and to pursue advanced degrees in the sciences and mathematics. By doing so, they affirm that our faculty, staff, programs, academic advising, and research are supporting their goals and preparing them for successful careers in science and mathematics. Thank you to our faculty, staff, alumni, donors, industry partners, and community for providing all that is necessary to forward our mission, even in these challenging times.

Marie Johnson, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

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