2018/2019 NSM Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to all of our generous 2018/2019 donors!

Individual Donors*

Dr. Alfonso F. Agnew ’94
Timothy A. Alderman ’82
Victoria and Kenneth Allen
Madeline W. and Donald D. Allinder ’78
James M. Andre
Loulette Annas
Susan L. Arena ’73 and Steven Zumdahl
Michael A. Baez ’14
Sarah Baird
Christine and Michael Barton
Dr. Alyssa M. Beach ’05
Patricia and Esse Beauchamp
Anita and Richard H. Belansky ’90
Shirley and Dr. Robert C. Belloli
Jacqueline A. Benjamin ’96
Susan Herb Best ’87
Kathy C. and Dan O. Black ’67
Michael A. Blazevic
Nancy J. ’79 and Dr. Martin V. Bonsangue ’80
Dr. Patricia Brown
Karen T. ’74 and John A. Bushman
Erik M. Cadaret ’13
Karen and Peter Callas
Dr. Cher L. ’93 and Carl H. Carrera
Dr. John C. Carroll
Dr. Merri L. Casem ’84
Carina D. Castro ’09
Erin M. Chan ’06
Norma Charest
Emily J. Clapper ’14
Dr. Diane Clemens-Knott and Dr. Jeffrey R. Knott
Sheila R. Cohen TTEE
Nancy H. Cooper ’76
Claude P. Coppel
Lucy Cortez-Johnson ’14
Dr. Amy Cox-Petersen
Roger G. Cranmer
Michael J. Cruikshank ’06
Dr. Math P. Cuajungco
Lynn H. and Robert F. Cummings ’05
Guy W. ’05 and Claudia Dadson
Myra and David Deister
Sara K. ’08 and Dr. Paul N. DeLand
Sandra A. Desimone ’90
Dr. Stephanie H. Diaz ’08
Dr. Maureen A. Donnelly ’77
Sally A. and Cecil W. Drinkward
Thuvan Thi Duong
Ragaa N. Fahmi ’99
Paul T. Farnham II ’99
Donna M. ’86 and Richard T. Fields ’81
Andrea M. ’05 and Otto F. Figueroa ’01
Danielle Flores
Elizabeth L. and Dr. James O. Friel
Marjorie C. Fulton
Anna L. Garcia ’95
Kara K. Godshalk ’15
Ronald Godshalk
Yolanda and John Gomez
Barbara L. Gonzalez
Rafael A. Gonzalez ’82
Leslie R. and William A. Groenewold
Stacy G. Guzman ’18
Leslie R. Hargrove
Dr. Carole S. Harrison
Dr. Kristine B. Hartney
Elizabeth C. Hessom ’10
Dr. Gene Hiegel
Dr. Stanley S. Hillman ’70
Henry Hirsch
Deborah J. and Brian A. Hodgson ’79
Stephannie E. and Dr. William J. Hoese
Dr. Michael H. Horn
Anthony C. Huntley ’80
Kathleen S. ’72 and Stephen C. Iverson
Irma A. Jayaweera
Dr. Marie C. Johnson
Thomas Kartrude
Joanne B. Kedzie
Dr. Tom Kelty
Brian A. Killeen ’96
Richard D. Kilzer
Janie ’71 and Ronald R. Kirk
Jennifer M. Kirton ’14
Kari A. Knutson-Miller
Mary C. Lacey
Tasha Ladoux
Carlos M. Landaverde ’08
Loralee Larios
Benjamin T. Lewis ’11
Margery A. and L.L. Lewis
Dr. Calvin G. Lowe ’86
Dan V. Mai ’10
Emma M. Mallon
Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz
Susan Mathews ’89
Elaine B. ’77 and Dr. Lon McClanahan
Patricia A. ’99 and Patrick S. McDevitt ’93
Tracey McDonald
Colleen A. McDonough
Flordeluz and Donald C. McDougall ’90
Patrick W. McNelly ’73
Marilyn E. Millet
Melissa R. Montanez ’06
Tharwat Morcos ’02
Dr. Alan Muchlinski
Nancy M. ’77 and Dr. Steven N. Murray
Dawn A. Nakaya-Delk ’99
Richard L. Nelson
Terri L. and Dr. David L. Pagni
Kathleen V. ’70 and Jack Patrona ’92
Eric S. Patschull
J.O. Paumier
Rene A. Perez ’02
Jeanile ’78 and Stephen L. Plett ’88
Tracy Popiel ’07
Steven L. Porter ’15
Madeline Rasche
Dr. Brady P. Rhodes
Cristy A. Rice ’15
Daryl L. Roll ’74
Maria T. and Gary S. Rosenberg ’82
Dr. Marvin J. Rosenberg
Steven S. Sabicer
Raksha D. ’92 and Dr. Prem K. Saint
Sanjay K. Saint
Diane C. Saldamando-Hulbrock and Robert Hulbrock
Nicole M. Samuels ’93
Dr. Rollin T. Sandberg
Dr. Darren R. Sandquist
Dr. Nashat B. Saweris
Randy J. Scott ’88
James R. Semler ’84
Dr. Mark H. and Hon. Anita Rae Shapiro
Lauren R. Simpson ’13
Yangou Song
Stephanie J. Sorenson
Dr. Linda J. Spilker
E.B. Stapp
Dr. Paul T. Stapp
Eric and Donna Stovner, In Memory of Kristina Hutchins
Maria J. Swancoat ’99 and Rodney K. Swancoat
Dr. Fu-Ming Tao
Dr. and Mrs. G. Cleve Turner
Steven L. Turner ’07
Ira N. Unterman ’87
William D. Vanlear
Fernando A. Vargas ’13
Dr. Sean E. Walker
Dr. Eileen Walsh
Adrienne Walton
Michael E. Walton
Ann C. Wang ’80
G S C Wang
Sama Wareh
Frank J. Wegscheider
Laura J. ’75 and John F. Westermeier ’71
Dr. James F. Woodward
William B. Woyski
Austin H. Xu ’17
Dr. David A. Young ’71
Stephen Young
Dr. Danielle C. Zacherl and Dr. Ben Heying
Steven D. Zicree ’93
Carey M. Ziemer

* Donations of $100+

Corporations & Foundations

American Chemical Society
American Endowment Foundation
American Heart Association
Annual Wild Game Feed Inc.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Beim Foundation
Black Family Trust
Bio-Synthesis, Inc.
Bristol Industries
Busey Wealth Management
California Mathematics
Dirty Feet Productions
Edison International
Edwards Lifesciences
Embi Tec
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fluor Corporation
General Conference of Seventh-day-Adventists
Globescan Capital, Inc.
GMU Geotechnical, Inc.
GS and M. Rosenberg Trust
Jaguar-Land Rover, Las Vegas, NV
Jayaweera Family Trust
Johnson Screens
Network for Good
NMG Geotechnical, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Sierra Club Orange County Group
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Southern California Bluebird Club
The Searchers Gem & Mineral Society, Inc.
Waddell & Reed Financial Services
Wawanesa Insurance
Western Digital Corp.
YourCause, LLC

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