Message from the Dean

In the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, we educate our students to be globally engaged citizens and problem-solvers, ready to take on society’s great challenges and opportunities. In this issue, you’ll learn how our faculty continue to meet market demands with focused mentorship, the development of new research centers, and industry partnerships focused on emerging technologies.

Dr. Marie Johnson, Dean of the CSF College of NSM

The increasing reliance on data analysis and artificial intelligence across all industries is fueling an ever-growing demand for data science professionals. In response to this undeniable area of opportunity, we’re proud of the work our Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics (CCAM) is doing to facilitate research, education, and outreach in computational mathematics and science through interdisciplinary collaboration.

CCAM’s emerging Corporate Partners Program will allow students to work directly with local industries, further enhancing career readiness.

In the physical realm, complex earthquakes like the one we saw at Ridgecrest last year show the ever-evolving need for geological expertise to enhance response and recovery and develop better prediction and protection strategies. Geologists prepared through our program, including our Geological Science Alumni of the Year Janis Hernandez, are tackling challenges like these every day. We’re committed to continually inspiring and preparing our students to unlock the mysteries of the natural world – and use that knowledge to save and improve lives.

None of this would be possible without our exceptionally talented and dedicated faculty and our incredible network of alumni, donors, industry partners, and community members. So thank you, as always, for your ongoing support.

Marie Johnson, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

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